Hello and welcome to 'myrsr.com'. This online diary details our project of buying a crappy '80s Porsche 911 and turning it into a beautiful replica 1973 911 RSR, before driving it halfway across Europe on the Cannonball 8000 rally. Well, keeps us out of trouble..

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Final Day..

The drive down to Croatia was good fun, even in a hire car. As Gary said to us on the phone "Don't go too fast Ash, you know how precious hire cars are" - ho ho ho!! We managed to get south in no time at all, even beating an Aston Martin from the border to the finish line! The finish line and final party were great fun, and we made it through to 6:30am the next morning. I decided it might be a good time to hit the sack when Helen started inviting the Cannonball crowd up to our room to raid the mini bar. We had a lovely big lunch the next day with a bunch of the guys - really nice food, drink and fabulous company. I know it's a cliché, but it's the people that make the Cannonball 8000 what it is.