Hello and welcome to 'myrsr.com'. This online diary details our project of buying a crappy '80s Porsche 911 and turning it into a beautiful replica 1973 911 RSR, before driving it halfway across Europe on the Cannonball 8000 rally. Well, keeps us out of trouble..

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cannonball 8000 2008 - we're on!!

We're definitely on the 2008 Cannonball run! Woohoo! Thanks to my sponsors 'Intel' without whom, I'd just be watching the cars leave at the start line. This year we're going from London to Brussels, then down to Cannes, then over to Italy to Rome! Brilliant!! The even better news is that our good friends Flembo and Rani are also in the rally in their Ferrari 360 CS. You can see their site at http://www.team79.co.uk/