Hello and welcome to 'myrsr.com'. This online diary details our project of buying a crappy '80s Porsche 911 and turning it into a beautiful replica 1973 911 RSR, before driving it halfway across Europe on the Cannonball 8000 rally. Well, keeps us out of trouble..

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Latest news

This weather's killing me. I want to go for long drives, but with no heater in the car, it's not going to happen. A few things have happened recently though:
a) WHEELS. My shiny alloys are all dull and have this whitish surface corrosion. I've got 3 different brands of polish to try, so I'll try them all and get the results up on the blog. Everyone needs a bit of bling.
b) SPEEDING. We got done for speeding it turns out about 10 miles away from the garage we had just picked the RSR up from Grrrrr!!
c) PHOTOS. I got contacted by a photographer about the possibility of doing some shots for one of the Porsche mags (not until point 'a' is resolved) - how cool is that!
d) EXHAUST. My exhaust is way too loud... It sets off car alarms and makes children cry (both true). Mark said he's going to build me a new exhaust that has a hidden 'quiet' output and two normal 'racing' outputs that I can cap off when I don't want to scare kids. Can't wait.. It means my neighbours may start speaking to me again!