Hello and welcome to 'myrsr.com'. This online diary details our project of buying a crappy '80s Porsche 911 and turning it into a beautiful replica 1973 911 RSR, before driving it halfway across Europe on the Cannonball 8000 rally. Well, keeps us out of trouble..

Monday, 14 July 2008

A triumphant return from Le Mans Classic 2008

We took the RSR down to Le Mans to watch the Classic racing last weekend. JZM gave her a complete clean bill of health, and she performed perfectly over the 800 odd miles. We convoyed with a group of really nice blokes in another classic 911 and a 1970's Bristol with a monster Chevy block in it. Tim, the owner of the 911, is a professional automotive photographer and he got this pic of us while heading back to up to London village. Le Mans was great fun - I'll post more pics from the event soon.